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1,200 Whimsical Stone Statues at Buddhist Temple in Kyoto

Sonrisas contagiosas. 

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The Grand Budapest Hotel, 2014
Dir. Wes Anderson

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Part of the Bill Murray: Chasing the white whale OFFSET Exhibition, at the The Library Project.

Click images for title info. Artwork by Kathrina RupitJennifer FarleyFrizGavin FullertonAsh SheridanDavid FarrellyKeith KavanaghEamon Whyte, Rachel Corcoran & Sean Cummins

All prints are A3 and made to order until April 3rd 2014. Order by emailing artist name and portrait number HERE.

The full collection and order details can be viewed HERE.

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Art by Cristina Bencina.

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Pam Grier

heretic-hero preguntó: Alliance/race??

A Bosmer, member of the great Aldmeri Dominion!


1000 KM, Nurburgring, Germany, 1959
Un desastre de pelo, aun así,  estupenda.